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Win favor from Sequoia Surge, Cooby helps to boost salesperson's performance

Chi Ko 2021/03/15

Two former Facebook employees spotted that more and more employees use communication apps to manage customer relationships. But with increasing amount of apps, it needs a one-stop solution. They built Cooby, a CRM tool to solve this problem. As soon as Cooby rolled out, they got the investment from Sequoia Surge.

People download lots of apps from smartphones to boost the efficiency of work, but with more and more apps downloaded, people may feel bothered from managing these apps. To solve this issue, two former Facebook employees, product manager Wen Shaw and tech lead Jocelin Ho, founded Cooby, which is a CRM tool designed for integrating customers' data from different communication apps. Attracted by the product and team members, Sequoia decided to invest in this startup as their third pick in Taiwan.

Wen Shaw made acquaintance with Jocelin Ho when they were both studying for their undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University. After graduation, they lost contact as Wen went to east at Columbia University, and Jocelin went to the west studied in Stanford University for their MS degree.

Luckily, in 2019, the Taiwan National Development Council(NDC) and the Taiwan Startup Stadium(TSS) executed a government project: bring Taiwanese startups to Silicon Valley by attending the Techcrunch Disrupt SF 2019, and they contacted Wen and Jocelin to be the local guides.

During their period as local guides, immersed with people who are startup founders, Wen and Jocelin chatted a lot about startup ideas. Surprisingly, they found that if they partner together, their skillsets can complement each other perfectly. With the experience of building digital products for Facebook, they decided to build one themselves to bring more convenience to people.

Cooby CEO Wen Shaw (left) and CTO Jocelin Ho(right)

According to the Market Analysis Report conducted by Grand View Research, the market size for customer relationship management(CRM) is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.2% from 2020 to 2027, and it is mainly driven by Software as a Service(SaaS). Wen and Jocelin foresaw an increasing amount of people using communication apps like Whatsapp, Messenger, and Line to manage the customers' relationships. But there is no effective tool that can integrate all of the "business interaction data with customers" between all the apps.

Cooby now offers English and Chinese version

Cooby can automatically import customer data from communication apps to build customer lists, and it also can integrate with Gmail to manage workflow. Cooby's main services include:

  • Customer information: Import data from the communication apps to build customer lists.

  • Interaction data: Cooby can help people manage communication apps as well as Email in one place.

  • Task management: If customers send messages to an employee, Cooby will turn it into a to-do list.

As soon as Cooby debuted the products, they got over one million($USD) funding from venture capital firms including Sequoia Surge、Hustle Fund, and Pear VC.

For now, Cooby can support Line and Gmail, and they will keep including more communication apps. "The funding can maintain our operation cost for over two years, so we can stay focused on supporting the Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger now, and we plan to set foot in the India market as well as the Indonesia market," Wen said.

About the Author
Chi Ko
Journalist 英文採訪編輯
Author >

Chi Ko is a journalist at Meet Global, a Taiwan-based startup community, where he reports ambitious Taiwanese startups to aim at going to the global market, as well as the latest news for the Taiwan startup ecosystem. Previously, he worked as a research assistant at Center for Condensed Matter Science from National Taiwan University and work as a guest editor at Academia Sinica to cover latest research breakthroughs. Within his career, he has interviewed various experts in their field, including Maw-Kuen Wu, former Minister of National Science Council; Bob Hung, general manager of Trend Micro Taiwan. He lives in Taipei.

If you know any Taiwanese startups aim to global market, feel free to leave a message at kochi@bnext.com.tw

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