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Pooling international interns for companies: Talent Basket distributes talents worldwide

Wendy Wu 2021/11/16
 Talent Basket Facebook
Talent Basket Facebook

Passionate about empowering the next generation with global opportunities, Jason Lin decides to help these youths with theirs future. He founded Talent Basket to connect companies and students worldwide. Less than a year, the platform has cooperated with 83 companies, and 360 students have finished their remote internship programs thanks to the platform.

As remote working becomes the new normal amid the COVID-19, and will surely be in the post-pandemic era, the change of work pattern triggers a new possibility —Companies are hiring remote interns now. Talent Basket, a youth employment platform, seizes the chance and connects students to online internships and job opportunities globally.

From overseas business operation, to international human resources management

Why does the company aim for international interns? Jason Lin, the founder of Talent Basket, is experienced in connecting talents worldwide throughout his career. When studying marketing in Boston College, Jason had his very first attempt at starting a startup business in 2004. He teamed up with Indian classmates who specialize in software engineering and founded “The Light”. The program is an E-learning assessment system and education community to help Taiwanese students tackle learning roadblocks and improve academic performance.

After graduation, Jason worked as a freelancer on a piecework basis. He had cooperated with the Tourism Bureau from the U.S. state government to do social media marketing. Through the project, Jason met lots of friends around the world and gradually became the connecting point between international talents.

When meeting with students, the founder Jason Lin spotted the need of jobs hunting.

After the financial crisis in 2008, Jason moved to San Francisco and built a recruiting platform, which helped American companies hire engineers from abroad. However, the idea didn’t perform well at that time, as the market back then was not ready for remote workers or international talents. He didn’t give up, but kept seeking chances for the idea.

“From my exposure to a lot of difficulties in running overseas business operations, connecting with the international business community and lowering the interaction barriers becomes my career vision,” Jason said.

During his mandatory military service in Taiwan, Jason met quite a few young people in the troops who were perplexed and lost about their future. The freelancer started to do educational counseling and give speeches about career planning to young people on campus, trying to equip the young generation with global perspectives and future vision.

Remote intern program goes live: talents community

Contacts with the youths inspire Jason to dream something bigger. Their demand for having a look at the world and the remote-working trend add up to a perfect timing to manage human resources under the global context. “What about building a talent system especially for young people?” Jason thought.

Talent Basket Introduction - Community Video

Thus in 2021, Talent Basket goes live, a youth employment platform connecting students to online internships and job opportunities globally. In less than a year, Talent Basket has collaborated with 83 businesses and 80 universities from 33 countries. And over 360 students have finished their internships through the platform. The system not only bridges the gap between young talents and employers, but also works as an education institution to manage and train these youths.

For students, the platform empowers global youth with digital skills, including research, localization, and marketing. Students can learn how to succeed in interviews, stay relevant with the digital economy, and collaborate with a global team on tasks and assignments from real-world businesses through various courses and speeches on Talent Basket.

Students who participate in the internship program also attend the training courses, where they can share the experiences and difficulties they met. Building a community for these international students is also a specialty about Talent Basket. “The community will allow students to grow faster through sharing information and learning from talented fellows,” said Jason.

Talent Basket desires to pool the student talents all over the world.

Companies can go on the website of Talent Basket and choose the best candidates for the company’s intern positions. Once the hiring process is complete, companies pay monthly to the platform for interns’ training and quality control. Companies of all sizes, including Google and Airbnb are looking for interns on Talent Basket too.

When asked about the future of remote working, Jason replied: “It’s already there.” As of June 2021, 30 percent of employees work as hybrid employees (combining remote work with physical work) and 35 percent of employees have been working remotely, according to Quantum Workplace.

Expanding to all walks of life

At the beginning phase of Talent Basket, the startup was focusing on the tourism industry, which has demand for content marketing talents in different locations. However, COVID-19 strikes the industry hard and forces the company to shift direction.

Currently, most companies that hire remote interns from Talent Basket are startups, multinational corporations and marketing companies recruit remote interns. As more and more industries adopt remote working, hiring international interns will predominate. The company will develop a machine learning model, implementing data like responding time into the algorithm. Payment system development is also in the plan.

Talent Basket get selected into 500 Global Taiwan Accelerator this year.

And the startup would like to embed the platform into school systems, while students could look for jobs from their school website. Students who had finished the program on Talent Basket could also work as a product manager for the platform, hosting workshops or consulting sections for newbies.

Talent Basket is looking for seed funding and is now actively expanding their business by inviting more companies from all industries as well as schools to the platform, with the ambition of matching young job-seekers with perfect experiences.

About the Author
Wendy Wu
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Wendy Wu is a freelance journalist focusing on emerging technologies, corporate social responsibility, and transnational cooperation. Stressing the cross-cultural context, she is currently taking a master's degree in Journalism at National Taiwan University and heading to Europe for a long-term exchange.

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