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Polish startup Renderro lands in Taiwan to seek for top-notch server, aiming to provide cloud-based solutions in the creative industry

Aimee Wu 2021/06/10

Renderro, one of the stars in Computex Taipei 2021, catches the attention of creative industry workers with its integrated cloud solution which enhances productivity. Taiwan's robust server industry also caught the eyes of Renderro: they are here on a mission to look for business opportunities with Taiwan's top-notch server manufacturers.

2021 Taipei International Computer Exhibition "COMPUTEX TAIPEI Virtual", held jointly by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and Taipei Computer Association (TCA), kicked off on 31st May. Featuring in the exhibition is "Garage+ 46 Must-See", which is hosted by the Epoch Foundation – a startup incubator founded by 20 Taiwanese leading corporates in 1991.

Renderro, selected as one of the stars in "Garage+ 46 Must-See", is a Polish startup that offers powerful virtual workstations and cloud storage, aiming at the creative industry professionals.

Solving storage and computing capacity problems for the creatives

In the creative industry, they always say "let your imagination run wild"; however, the creative process often refuses to run as fast thanks to software and hardware limitations. Creatives face problems such as: paying for expensive softwares which they use only periodically; Furthermore, their work is stored in bulky harddrives, as they have no access to powerful CPU, GPU and RAM storage.

Piotr Chomczyk, founder and CEO of Renderro, is an experienced post production director who created projects with the Discovery channel and BBC in Poland. Piotr got the idea of Renderro when he was managing a post-production team scattered across three countries; harddrives needed to be FedExed from Los Angeles to Warsaw, which was immensely inefficient. Especially in an era where almost everything is cloud-based, the method seems outdated.

The idea behind Renderro is building a powerful workstation that encompasses cloud computing which would enable efficient collaboration, also allowing work to be carried out anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Creative projects are manageable directly from a simple laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Renderro's cloud-based platform is intuitive. To start running your project on Renderro's platform, just click on the power bar. There are different computing solutions to choose from, depending on the capacity one intends to access. With the platform, creatives can run their projects on high-powered cloud setups, but with roughly the same interface experience like before. A wide array of softwares can be accessed through Renderro, getting work done in a faster, stronger and shareable fashion.

Connect with one click. Work on your cloud computer in browser or desktop app, wherever you are.

Targeting creatives across the globe

As the demand for moving solutions to the cloud environment rises, Renderro's market is predicted to grow with 12% CAGR. Current market size is 2 million users, being the professionals in film, graphic design and animation in USA, EU and India.

Renderro's pricing strategy recently transitioned from pay-as-you-go model, which charges users by the hour, to a subscription-based model. Under the subscription model, users could deposit a lump sum and gain access to Renderro's cloud workstations, cloud storage and professional software.

Currently, Renderro uses Amazon AWS cloud service as its cloud computing and storage room. However, as traffic on Renderro gets heavy, they are looking forward to building their own cloud environment. To create a cloud that has powerful computing and storage capacity, Renderro would have to build its very own "server". These high-end cloud computers are often designed and manufactured by companies from Taiwan. According to the research report, Taiwanese companies make up 91.8% of server supply as of Q1 2021.

Renderro currently offers high-performance cloud computing and collaboration tools. In the foreseeable future, Renderro is looking forward to build an ecosystem where creatives can seek out potential customers, access design materials, all through its platform.

Seeking for server manufacturers in Taiwan

Taiwan's Inventec, Quanta Computer, Foxconn Technology, Wiwynn and MiTac Computing Technology are major contract server producers for the US web giants, with which Renderro came to Taiwan to seek partnership opportunities. Garage +, an incubator backed by industry magnates in Taiwan, introduced Renderro and pushed favorably for collaboration between the Poland-based company and Taiwan-based server providers.

Renderro's traffic mainly comes from the US, the UK, and Germany. In terms of user accounts, the compounded monthly growth rate amount to 42%. With the global market expanding, outlook is positive for Renderro's cloud-based service.

About the Author
Aimee Wu
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Aimee Wu is a journalist and business news translator with a keen interest in sharing innovative technologies developed by Taiwan-based companies. She is pursuing a master’s degree in translation and interpretation at National Taiwan University.

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